30 Years!

Dear Friends,

I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Now that my daughter Twyla has landed in Denmark, and I have a minute to reflect on the amazing celebration last weekend, I am struggling to put feelings into words. Equal parts mortification and delight? The personal attention was über-embarrassing – I am the one who should be expressing gratitude for this 30-year (and still going) ride. I’ve been blessed with a dynamic job that, while anchored in a community, has provided ever-changing challenges for growth, new ideas, and interesting people to meet. It has presented opportunities to help people; continuous crops of hilarious preschoolers; wonderful colleagues; books in ultimate surround-sound. Being a public librarian allows one to be as creative as one wishes, while simultaneously paying homage to OC tendencies. (Scholastic Story DVD’s shelved in rainbow order? Yes!) And any unique accomplishments at the library these past three decades have been the result of cooperative efforts by staff, trustees, and a huge array of talented volunteers. Thank you, all.

Now about that party – oh my goodness! Enormous thanks to those of you who listened to the “no gifts” plea, and navigated thick fog and darkness just to have some fun. And to those who didn’t listen, what can I say? You are brats, and I will think of you in a few months when I travel to see my baby-turned-21 in beautiful, beautiful Copenhagen.

The party was just what I’ve been longing for: an old-fashioned, multi-age, community bash to celebrate all of us, focused on what binds us together rather than what drives us apart. We need to do this more often! (Street dance next summer, okay?) Thanks to everyone for the sumptuous food (though I was too excited to eat), for laughter and conversation, and for dancing with me in the basement. Who knew three and four-year-olds could rock out for so long? And thanks most especially to my ever-supportive work partner, Meg, and my beloved daughters, Zoe, Twyla and Ivy, for conceiving this event and roping in everyone else.

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Happy New Year!

It’s down to 2 degrees with a nor’easter on the way, and my feet are freezing in the room with the computer, so I’ll just send a fast blast of wishes to all for renewed hope in whatever you do, happiness, health, love, curiosity – all the good things. To feed the curiosity, of course come to the library, but also come to Science Pub this Sunday, 1/5/14  at Fair Haven Inn. Click on the link for more info.

And, just when you thought the celebrations were over, please  mark your calendar for a special PARTY on Sat. Jan. 11 in the afternoon (bad weather date Sunday). There will be dancing!  Like a potluck wedding reception but without gifts, alcohol, or a bride or groom!  Much more info will be forthcoming, but this is a save-the-date to everyone.

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Tree Lighting 2013

Another year coming to a close; another tree filled with points of light, each reflecting a loved one in someone’s heart. May we all carry the love forward in time to our children, and outward through our community – a big, embracing net of love. Thank you to all who came and to the community groups and individuals who helped make this event happen.  Special thanks to Linda Pritchard and members of the Castleton Woman’s Club (who made and served all the cookies and cocoa), to Skip Fenton and his Castleton Village School band students,  to Tina Rampone for playing guitar and leading carols, and to special guest Ron Splatt. I also want to express gratefulness for my wonderful colleagues – volunteer extraordinaire (for 30+ years) JoAnn Richardson, who arrived early and shoveled walks; and the ever-flexible Meg, who hauled firewood, moved computers, and crawled around in wet snow handling electrical cords while wearing dress pants. We’ll post some photos soon.  Great to see all 106 (or so) people who came!


Big thank you to Upward Bound students and Nathan Hickey

We want to express our deep gratitude to the Upward Bound crew who worked cleaning up the library grounds this past Saturday.  For many years, we (and you, dear patrons) have benefited from the services of this wonderful organization.  They arrive on one Saturday each spring, ready to tackle any project we throw at them for several hours. On fair days, this usually involves cleaning up the leaves, sticks, and other winter detritus; rain sends them indoors to dust shelves or move books around.  This fair year, Meg worked with them to prepare the vegetable garden for planting, and snag those pesky, stray leaves that crowd our back door. In a couple short hours, there were five stuffed leaf bags and a big pile of brush, trimmed hedges, and lovely turned earth.  Thank you, from all of us!

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Happy New Year dear library users!

We hope you all had wonderful holidays, and that you borrowed some great books, videos or audios. Have you made any resolutions to learn something new in 2013?  If so, be sure to check out the courses available through the free Universal Class, or start a foreign language using the Powerspeak tutorials in our Vermont On-Line subscription package (click on the Services tab or call us for more information).

We love our new front staircase and lamps, and want to thank Jim Roberts and Dan Grey for working through challenging weather and holidays to finish the building and installation by the new year!  We are also grateful for a large donation from the Friends that helped to cover the cost of the lampposts.

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Closed days in November

We will be closed for the holidays on the following days in November:

Mon. Nov. 12

Thu. Nov. 22

Fri. Nov. 23

But remember, your online library is open 24/7. Why not use a long weekend to explore Vermont On-Line Library resources, download an eBook or audio from Listen-Up Vermont or One-Click Digital, or start a class through Universal Class?  All of the above are free with your library card. Follow the links from our home page.

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Front entrance renovation

We’re very excited about the renovation of our front entrance.  The new wooden stairs built by Jim Roberts should be quite a bit easier to navigate than the old concrete staircase, which was about 50 years old and no longer to code.  This part of the renovation is funded by the Hugh Cook Fund, as were the concrete steps, in memory of a former Castleton resident.  We still hope to be fully accessible with an elevator in the future, but until sufficient money is raised, we can at least be moving in a positive direction.  Thank you all for bearing with us during the project.

Thanks also to the town crew for taking up the old concrete slab sidewalk, which was always problematic in winter when frost pushed the slabs up to create ice pockets.  We think the new slate hardpack will fare better.  If you’ve lived in Castleton for a while, you may remember that the library lawn was once a locust grove, and those old roots probably contribute to the sinkholes and sidewalk upheavals.

Next step: new lamposts.

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Free tech help

Our new tech tutor has started! Melanie Hathaway will be working at the library on Mondays 6:00-8:00 pm, Tuesdays 2:00-4:00 pm, and Wednesdays 2:00-4:00 pm, offering free help with computer use, internet searches, email,and devices such as Kindles and smartphones. Schedule a time slot by coming into the library or calling 468-5574. If you need different hours to meet your schedule, please leave information at the library and she will try to make arrangements.

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We’re back!

After a hiatus (during which we kicked and screamed a lot about technology), we’re back, updating our web presence to the best of our ability. We haven’t quite figured out this blog feature, but here goes:

  • In case you missed it elsewhere on the site, DON’T miss the poetry reading by Tom Smith next week, Wed. 9/26/12 at 7:00 pm.
  • Yes, the outside library trim is finally being painted!
  • And very soon work will begin on a new, more user-friendly front entrance.  During this work you may be directed to the back entrance, but we will make every effort to maintain our regular hours during the renovation.
  • We have a new tech tutor!  If you need help with computers and/or devices such as Kindles, you can sign up for some individualized help.  Call the library for more information.
  • I promise to change the our banner photo very soon.  I’m in denial about summer (and spring) being over.

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What’s New:

  • New Playgroup has begun on Wednesday mornings – click on Children’s tab for more                                                                                                                            
  • New subscription to Recorded Books – click below to set up your account. Note that when it asks for your library card number, you must enter your number in our new, long format: 2VSNY0000##### (the pound signs are the digits on your card).  Call us if you need help or have misplaced your card.





Castleton was one of 24 communities selected statewide to receive an e-Vermont Community Broadband Grant promoting access and use of broadband in the school, library, town government, small business community, and general community.   Castleton’s project has been moving forward with your input. Our Front Porch Forum (a free online newsletter of local events, opinions, queries and news) was the first step of this exciting process – 350 members and growing!

Link to join Castleton-Hubbardton Front Porch Forum  Join Front Porch Forum to find out what’s happening in Castleton and Hubbardton


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