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December 6, 2015: Volcanoes in Vermont: Really?

Ray Coish, Professor of Geosciences, Middlebury College

Holiday Inn, Rutland 

Why do volcanoes erupt where they do? Why do they “explode?” Were there ever volcanoes in Vermont? And are they responsible for our famous granites? Ray Coish will guide us to some answers in a lavishly illustrated discussion on one of nature’s most beautiful and destructive forces.

January 3, 2016: Expert Answers on the Dreaded “E” Word

Gail Regan, Associate Professor of Physical Education, Castleton University

Iron Lantern, Castleton

Are three weekly visits to the gym adequate? What about walking instead? Or gardening, or painting the house? Perhaps you’ve heard about the global health initiative, “Exercise is Medicine.”  Does it make exercise sound less enjoyable? Drawing on her experience with children, young people and older adults, Gail Regan will highlight some of the less well known reasons why exercise should be a big part of our lives.

February 7, 2016:  Mysteries of the Universe

Eilat Glikman, Assistant Professor of Physics, Middlebury College

Fair Haven Inn 

How did the beautiful galaxies that litter the Universe today form? How did they grow black holes with billions of times the mass of the Sun? And why do we want to know? An astrophysicist who studies quasars — the brightest objects in the universe – Eilat Glikman has used the Hubble Space Telescope to uncover these bodies’ mysterious formative years and their role in the evolution of galaxies. And she will help us peer into other intriguing mysteries of the universe.

March 6, 2016: Changing Minds

Vance Jackson, Associate Professor of Psychology, Green Mountain College

Iron Lantern, Castleton 

Vance Jackson draws on his real-life experiences — including work at Rutland Mental Health Services – to research public mental health issues. His wide-ranging research also includes topics that touch our lives such as balancing work and family roles; the influence of gender roles; the ways we apply implicit stereotypes to racial and social groups; and ways to promote prosocial behavior.

April 3, 2016: Plants We Love to Hate

Mary Droege, Biology Laboratory and Greenhouse Manager and adjunct faculty, Castleton University

Mountaintop Inn 

Invasive, exotic, weed. They are our most unloved plants, but are they one and the same? Non-native plants range from the common dandelion to the towering poison parsnip – as well as to apples and roses. Mary Droege, a botanist with expertise in ecological management and restoration, will lead us in a discussion on native and non-native plants, their incursion into Vermont and our response, as well as the limits of our abilities to manage nature.

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