Curbside Resumes!

We’re not open yet, but…..

We really miss talking to you in person, but PLEASE access the library in other safe ways. Call us at 468-5574, email, or send a Facebook message with your wishes. You may request specific titles or favorite authors, batches on specific topics or age levels, or theme boxes for kids (for example, Cat Box #1: Cats Who Travel, Naughty Dog Box, Slimy Box, Kids’ Gardens, or custom-made collections). When we receive your message, we’ll contact you back to arrange the curbside pickup time, or local delivery if you are unable to come yourself. Unfortunately, we can’t yet do interlibrary loan.

Everyone must follow current guidelines. No one may enter any part of the building except the isolated vestibule areas. Labeled boxes will be left outside near parking in good weather. If little people are strapped into carseats, we’re happy to deliver the box to your trunk. When other people are nearby (perhaps accessing wifi), masks and 6’ distancing are required. Small batches of materials may be returned in the bookdrops, but we’d prefer to have boxes returned at pickup time. All returned materials will be quarantined for a minimum of four days before being returned to circulation.

To see what’s currently available, click on the new link for the Adult’s New Materials Shelf on the home page. From there you’ll be able to see all 200+ new items as if you were browsing the actual shelf. To search the entire collection, go to the catalog tab. Please note: our website is getting an overhaul next week to get to the root of the very annoying “redirect” that you sometimes get when trying to access our site. This IS NOT a harmful virus to you – if you reach a sweepstakes page instead of our site, just close it (don’t click anywhere on the bad site) and search for Castleton Free Library again. Apologies for this!

We have more to share, so stay tuned and stay safe!

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