Regarding unemployment – Mar. 27, 2020

If you know someone who is worried about filing for VT unemployment without computer access, please pass along this info:

You can both OPEN A CLAIM and FILE WEEKLY by phone. If a claim was already filed last Monday or before, it should be in the system, and the next step needs to happen TODAY – call to file a weekly claim BY 4:30 FRIDAY. Call:
1-800-983-2300; selecting Option #1
Important: DO NOT hang up prior to the system telling
you “good-bye” – your claim will not be processed!!
To open an initial claim, call 877-214-3330
A supplement phone line has also been established for assistance in establishing initial claims, and may be reached at 1-888-807-7072.
*UPDATED CLAIMS CENTER HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:15am – 6:00pm, AND Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm*
Note that if a claim was filed between Monday and now, it will not upload to the system until tonight. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard back yet.

Hopefully we can figure out a way to offer essential computer service soon! Try to relax, and stay well.

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