2018 Maker Camp – Great!

Wow Рwhat a great week!  Participants designed and printed 3-D creations, made Ozobot obstacle courses, experimented with making hovercrafts and other air-propelled objects, and produced a Virtual Tour of the library (click on link below to explore), and more, all in under 10 hours under the guidance of workshop leader Lisa Cacciatore.

Explore the Virtual Tour here

Lisa: ¬†“The kids in the makerspace workshop took all the 360 photos, photographed all the still images, added the tags and narrations. Today I stitched all the photos together to make a seamless virtual tour. I think they did a nice job, I’m quite proud of what we accomplished in a matter of 10 hours. Enjoy!”


Ozobot obstacle course. Kids programmed little robots to navigate the course.


Lisa helping participants add finishing touches to 3-D creations

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